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The Harsh Reality Of Being A Game Developer

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For most people, working for a game developer likely sounds pretty cool. You get to bring the games that gave you so much joy to millions of people around the world. But, while the job looks fun from the outside, in reality, being a game developer is actually quite rough. For one, game companies are usually able to get away with paying game developers significantly less than market wages. Similarly, game developers generally end up working quite a bit more than traditional software engineers. This can mostly be explained by the fact that most people who become game developers do it out of passion. So, game companies are able to abuse this passion to milk out the most amount of work. This situation is only made worse by the fact that game development skills aren’t easily transferable to traditional tech companies. So, many developers often end up getting trapped within the gaming industry. This video explains the pros and cons of being a game developer and how game developers end up getting ripped off by game companies.


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0:00 - The State Of Game Developers
2:30 - The Dangers Of Passion
5:28 - Trapped
8:13 - Discrimination
10:50 - The Verdict


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