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G2 vs LLL - Game 1 | Round 1 LoL MSI 2023 Play-In Stage | G2 Esports vs LOUD G1 full game

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MSI 2023 LL vs G2 G1 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Finals - LOUD vs G2 Esports Game 1. MSI 2023 LL vs G2 VOD.
2023 MSI full playlist:
League of Legends Season 13 Mid-Season Invitational in London.
Third game of the day - G2 Esports vs LOUD vs best of 3 Game 1. G2 vs LLL G1.

G2 Esports Line-up:
Broken Blade - top Darius
Yike - jungle Nidalee
Caps - mid Nautilus
Hans Sama - bot Jinx
MikyX - support Rell

LOUD Line-up:
Top - Robo Renekton
Jungle - Croc Sejuani
Mid - Tinowns Ahri
Bot - Route Aphelios
Support - Ceos Tahm Kench

Patch: 13.8 - Season 13 (Yuumi and Milio disabled)
Game date: 02.05.2023 | 05/02/2023 | May 2nd 2023
Game place: Korea
Casters: Dagda and Oisin

#MSI #MidSeasonInvitational #MSI2023
#lolesports #leagueoflegends #league #vods #epicskillshot #ess

2023 MSI Play-In playlist:
2023 MSI full playlist:

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