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Eminem & Dr. Dre - The Full Story Of Friendship

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In the last video, we discussed an example of a bad friendship, where one person went after the other for a full 20 years and ended up behind bars. However, this time, we will discuss how Eminem saved Dre’s career. And in turn, Dre saved Marshall’s LIFE. You’re on the Music Vibe channel, let’s go.

00:00 – what's the video about?
00:30 – Dre's tough times
01:18 – but Em had it much worse..
01:55 – How Dre found Eminem
02:25 – the history behind the song «My name is»
03:09 – They tried talking Dre out of dealing with Eminem
03:46 – the history behind the Slim Shady LP
05:32 – the history behind the song «Forgot About Dre»
07:01 – The friends' mutual loyalty on «the Chronic 2001»
07:39 – The making of «The Marshall Mathers LP»
08:43 – Eminem, Dre, Snoop Dogg in the movie «The Wash»
09:02 – The making of «The Eminem Show»
10:00 – Dre and Eminem's joint diss track
10:22 – Eminem found Dre a new talent..
10:39 – How Eminem defended Dre
11:20 – dark times for Eminem
13:44 – Why is the song «I Need a Doctor» legendary?
14:59 – Dre: «doctors thought I was going to die»
15:27 – Eminem's beef with Snoop Dogg
17:42 – The SuperBowl and the friendly words about one another


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